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Poem: In The Heart of a DPD Officer

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

As I grew up I was faced with choices, challenges, and decisions,
Nothing TOO serious, mostly learning responsibility and getting my education.
I was asked when I was very young, what I wanted to be when I grow up,
Hmm, a singer, a dancer, a lawyer, WHO CARES? I have plenty of time…I’m just a little pup!

I was about 8, 9, or maybe even 10 years old if you will,
I didn’t have a care in the world, MY RESPONSIBILITY didn’t involve paying bills!
I wanted to play, hang out with friends, just leave me alone let me do what I want,
I have plenty of time to think about it, WHO CARES? SO WHAT!

I recalled watching my mom and my sister get up and don a uniform every day,
I was proud when they got dressed, looking good, and in little SORT OF WAY…
I began forming a decision about WHO I WANTED TO BE and the uniform I’d don,
It would be ME getting dressed and putting a dark blue uniform on.

I tested for ONE city, for ME the one and only City & County of Denver,
If I was going to wear a uniform like my mother and sister… Denver was the winner.
Would I be a Denver Sheriff or a Denver Cop on the beat?
I wasn’t sure, but knew I wouldn’t feel complete…

Until I wore Navy Blue… with shiny black shoes on my feet!
Today I wear this uniform with the badge, name tag, and gun belt on my waist,
Knowing that as I stand before you, speaking, it should show on my face,
The STRENGTH, COURAGE, and PRIDE, that I GLADLY embrace.

Standing here as a..BLACK..FEMALE being part of such an event feels GOOD!
Living in the City & County of Denver trying to make a positive impact in my old neighborhood,
It’s what I like to do, I am honored to do, it is what I was put here to do, sometimes without much rest,

But being a black female DENVER POLICE OFFICER is the GREATEST HONOR, and is WHAT I DO BEST!

Officer Valmy C Howard 90020
Community Relations