Vote for our artifact in the "Colorado's most significant artifact" contest

Posted: 08-Nov-2015

The Denver Police museum recently entered one of our artifacts in a local contest as described in the attached link. The artifact is a piece of a plane that was blown up in the 1950's. The crime was investigated and solved by the Denver Police Department at the time.

The public is invited to vote for their favorite Significant Artifact. We need your vote!

The Denver Police Museum artifact is a fragment from the 1955 sabotaged United Airlines Flight #629, brought down by John Gilbert Graham, which killed all 44 people aboard, including Graham s mother.

Read more about the artifact and vote

Voting ends on NOVEMBER 15, so make sure you get your vote in today! Also, don t be shy about inviting your family and friends to show their support as well.

Your vote will help reinforce and enhance the Museum’s ability to preserve and share the history of Denver’s law enforcement officers. With your help, a winning vote will be invaluable when we apply for institutional grants, approach donors for funding, and reach out to the Denver community of retired officers and their families for support. Help us keep your history alive!

Thanks for taking the time to support the Denver Police Museum with your vote.