meeting with Association of Northern Front Range Museums

Posted: 22-Mar-2016

The Denver Police Museum(DPM) Board and dedicated volunteers welcomed over 33 members of ANFRM (Association of Northern Front Range Museums) by hosting their February meeting at District station #1. Pat Nading-Amman, DPM Board Member, was welcomed by ANFRM President, Terry Johnson and introduced both President Dean Christopherson and Vice-President Mike Hesse who provided presentations to the group about the mission, vision, artifact collection and community outreach programs sponsored by the museum. The purpose was to connect and network with other museum enthusiasts and create awareness about the Police Museum project.

The information was very well received by the participants who were astounded at the active promotion and community outreach events that the Police Museum has hosted. The mission of “Connecting Cops and Community” is alive and well among the enthusiastic supporters!

Following a delicious lunch, participants were treated to a tour of the District #1 station by Sgt. Christopherson to the delight of those curious about law enforcement.

The Association of Northern Front Range Museums (ANFRM) is a non-profit organization that provides support and promotion for member museums and their staff within the Northern Front Range museum community. This organization serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas, artifacts, and exhibits for both museum professionals and volunteers. The Denver Police Museum Board recognizes the value of increasing of its profile among like-minded organizations. It was an honor to host the February ANFRM meeting.

DPLEM (Denver Police Law Enforcement Museum) volunteers, Jennifer Rowe, Sharon Baker and ANFRM President, Terry Johnson are ready to greet meeting participants.

Barb Cisneros

DPLEM display table manned by Barb Cisneros, museum volunteer

Sgt. Dean Christopherson, and Vanya Scott

Sgt. Dean Christopherson, and Vanya Scott, Museum Curator, discuss law enforcement history and display with participants

The DPLEM group and meeting participants are welcomed to meeting by ANFRM President, Terry Johnson

Pat Nading-Amman, DPLEM Board Member welcomes meeting attendees and introduces speakers, Sgt. Dean Christopherson and Mike Hesse

ANFRM Meeting attendees Meeting attendees listen to DPLEM presentation

Participants enjoy lunch prior to a "Behind the Scenes" tour of District 1 police station.

Pat Nading-Amman and Margaret Chavez

Pat Nading-Amman and Margaret Chavez, volunteer, enjoy a celebratory moment for the meetings' success!