Fallen Officer Sign Dedications Sept 9th and 11th

Posted: 05-Sep-2017

As September 11th approaches, we all somberly remember the lives lost that fateful day including first responders. In an effort to always remember our own local heroes, the Denver Police Museum and Denver Police Department will again partner to recognize officers lost on the line of duty in our own community by placing a commemorative signs at the location where their lives were lost.

Currently, of the 72 Denver officers who died in the line of duty, 31 signs have been placed. Two more officers, Fred Renovato and Virgil Hall will be remembered on Sept 9th and Sept 11th through a sign dedication and ceremony. This ongoing project has united families, students and community members for a common cause to remember the role and sacrifice of our first responders.

Please join us at the sign dedications on Sept 9th and Sept 11th. The ceremony includes the historical details of each respective event. Your support for the ongoing success of this project is invaluable.