Denver Police Widow Association Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Posted: 10-Jan-2014

The Denver Police Widows Association, formed in 1973 as an organization to bring together women who had lived theirlives with the common thread of being a policeman’s wife, recently commemorated the 40th Anniversary of its founding.The climax of the celebration was the serving of a beautifully decorated tiered cake baked by Widow’s Association Secretarysince 2008, Debi Libonati.

Current President Claire Hesse, said the widow’s group hadgiven its members the opportunity to make close friends withother women who knew the fears and worries of a policeman’slife and the dangers that beset him and his family.Although several of the members knew each other whiletheir husbands were on duty, many others hadn’t met untiljoining the widow’s group. “We enjoy meeting for lunch oncea month at different places all across the metro area,” shesaid.” About 20-25 members come to lunch at any one time.We really enjoy each other’s company.” Please call ClaireHesse at 303-421-5386 if you are interested in joining.Other officers elected at the meeting were: Doris Comstock,vice president; Debi Libonati, secretary and DPWS Newslettereditor; Lois Schafer, treasurer; Doris Coppersmith, chaplain;Donna Reiber, outreach; and Cleo Wickersham, article editor.Pat Hake plans the luncheons.