Denver Police Museum Honors ‘Naturally Good’ Trail Blazing Female Detective

Posted: 26-Mar-2019

The Denver Police Museum and the Denver Police Department honors one of their own in celebration of Women's History Month. Det. Gail Riddell was one of the first females to hit the streets here in Denver when it was allowed in 1972.

Riddell signed on as a police officer in 1969, only the second class of recruits to include women. “She had a fiery personality, and I don’t know she might have been working as a waitress or at a makeup counter when she got into some debate when a guy friend said women wouldn’t succeed in law enforcement, and so she joined the police academy on a dare basically,” Riddell’s daughter, Molly, said. 

Riddell was joined the Denver Police Department in 1969 at the age of 23, and was named Colorado Policewoman of the Year in 1990. Read the full story here.


On March 26, 2019, the City and County of Denver issued a proclamation to honor of the life and service of late Detective Gail Riddell.