Denver Police Museum and Bridgeway Church Honor Service of Animals to Denver Law Enforcement

Posted: 05-Sep-2018

The Denver Police Museum in conjunction with Bridgeway Church will host a special giveaway of toy stuffed Denver Police dogs, to children, honor of the important service animals have played here in Denver and throughout the country.

Bridgeway Church has been very supportive of efforts to develop a Denver Police Museum. This event will be one of two events planned in conjunction with the anniversary of the September 11 attacks by the Denver Police Museum “We believe honoring the animals service on the anniversary of 9/11 is very appropriate due to the large number of animals who died in aftermath of the attacks on both the twin towers and the pentagon. Dogs were instrumental in search and recovery efforts at both locations. According to the 9/11 memorial nearly 100 dogs, later lost their lives due to being exposed to the toxic environment created by the attacks. Of the several hundred dogs that responded, only 12 heroic canines survive today.

Animals have played a key role in Denver beginning service in the 1860s as members of the mounted horse patrol. Dogs were introduced in the department in the 1960’s and have played an important role in suspect exploration and bomb identification. Currently three horses and 40+ SWAT, Sniff, Bomb and Airport dogs serve on the Denver Police Department.